Social Media Marketing

Webjoy has spent most of 2016 working on projects involving internet marketing exploiting various technologies, these have included:
AWeber, MailChimp, Meridian Delta (cautiously) for email marketing campaign
FaceBook page creation, Automatic publishing to FB from website posts
Automatic Twitter feeds
Streetlife page creation
Website newsletter subscriptions and automatic emails to subscribers from website posts
Video editing and hosting
Google adwords campaigns
FaceBook advertising via Boost
Streetlife advertising
Ordinary organic Google/Bing search engine optimisation (SEO)
Google Analytics and website visitor reporting
WooCommerce for selling festival tickets and books
S2Member for controlling website membership access
Paypal to collect fees for various projects
Wordpress websites

So if you require anything along the lines of the above projects then please contact Webjoy

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Webjoy moved to Frome, Somerset in 2014. Here we discovered a new breed of social networking called mainly because it had just started up. Streetlife is like Facebook only geared to the local community. So it’s a very intuitive and simple way to get in touch with neighbours and the local community. You just go to the website, and sign up specifying you post code. It is used regularly by neighbours to ask simple questions like ‘where can i get …’ and ‘i have a bed i don’t need which needs a home…’. It’s simplicity makes it a vibrant place to check out. A good place also to promote your local business and to follow up leads.

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Based in Portugal my english client and friend out there Peter is selling his heavily discounted coconut oil product to the ex-pat community and also wooing the Portuguese about the health benefits of this product. Take a look here

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CliveyFest 2016

Webjoy has re-vamped the website for this years festival. CliveyFest has been running for several years raising money for local charities and organisations. The new website is fully ‘responsive’ which means not only does it work on all current bowsers: IE, Safari, Chrome, Firefox but it also works well and adaptively on smartphones and tablets. It does not require you to download an app! In addition it provides a very simple booking system with cart and checkout which uses PayPal as the collection mechanism. It utilises woocommerce so that my client has total control over bookings. Totally supported by webjoy as always!

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Electronic gates fit for a queen!

these aren’t them by the way!

Ben Jones runs a company near Bath, Somerset, fitting electronic gates. He has recently completed a job sorting out some very ancient gates at Buckingham Palace! Maybe he knows something about what he is doing! Why not tease him out for your special project? But don’t be afraid he is comfortable doing more simple more local jobs – there is no harm in asking!

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Gardening & Fencing (Frome, Somerset)

Webjoy recently completed a website for a local and talented ‘gardener’. Nick Butler . His work is different – he will transform your garden and re-use as much as possible from what he finds in your garden already. It is better that you visit his website than for me to repeat the work here:

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Membership & Resources download (Nation wide schools – UK)

Webjoy has done recent work in updating a client website which provides a sign-up / registration facility for all schools and youth clubs in the UK. Schools subscribe and then they can download video sessions which provide resources for PSHE sessions.

It supports membership sign-up and offers 2 or 3 year discounts. The primary service is to provide one years access to the video download service. It links to PayPal in order to purchase a time-limited subscription. Other work has been in providing changes and support of the aweber email system in order to offer and promote various time-limited subscriptions. You can visit the website here Operation Smoke Storm

The technology would be applicable and adaptable for any website which wants to provide electronic downloads via a subscription based mechanism. It also includes a budgeting system to avoid and restrict the resources downloaded. Associated with it is a reporting system so that you can monitor who is using what resource and when.

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Recent website works

All of Webjoy’s work is now focused on providing ‘Fully Responsive’ websites. This means that the website will function regardless of the device from which the website is being viewed from e.g. smart phone, tablet, desktop, laptop.

We also provide expertise in Google advertising (adwords), Facebook and Twitter not to mention linking your website to these, or setting up your own accounts… as they say, the choice is yours!

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talk talk scam

talk talk scam FROM telephone number 01589445782 … my friend was called today by some one responding to a call she raised a week ago about her talk talk broad band and problems due to do her access limitations although she had unlimited access. It was very appropriate and therefore sounded legitimate. They then wanted to install teamviewer to investigate. She was going to get a £200 refund and a reduction in her fee from £20/month fee to £11.19. When they accessed her laptop with Teamviewer they proceeded to the Western Union website in order to refund this £200 refund and enter her debit card details… it is a scam which sounds very credible! It all ended well BUT after at least 3 hours! Apparently Talk Talk had their customer details stolen earlier in the year! Did you know this?

This scam has also been played out with other well known service providers. If you receive such a call there are 2 simple things you can do 1) say you are busy … then dial 1471 get the number and enter it into google together with the word scam – then look at what you find. 2) ask the person their name, where they are calling from, and their telephone number. Ask them to call you back.

The rest you can do yourself using google armed with this information… you can always ask me to check also.

The final message is – do not give out your bank account details until you have made these two simple checks.

Finally, even bank employees get caught out as my friend discovered when she ended up at the bank to sheepishly admit she had give over her debit card details… she didn’t give out her pin number and the bank HSBC had also stopped the payment that these scammers tried to get £150 because it was not authorised!

Now, I am an internet expert, I was there at the time, and even I was convinced that this was legitimate.

In my embarrassment I am passing this on. I promise you, it seemed very legitimate – when they went into the Western Union then my suspicion was seriously aroused, but they said that this was in order to issue the refund.

we learn… as I said… on this occasion no money was lost… and of course the wisdom of hindsight… you hear the expression ‘never give out your bank details’… but we do, all the time when we think that transactions are legitimate!…. and this is how these people get your details… it was Talk Talk offering a response to a recent complaint, and on top of this offering a refund which is why they needed the bank details.

My final, strongest advice is, always use a credit card when buying through the internet. This way you are only exposed to the first £50 of any transaction if you finally discover you’ve been robbed!

This safeguard is not there on a debit card… so again… think very long and hard before giving over these details … ask them to phone you back giving you time to do some research – phone number etc etc

REFLECTION on my advice…
based on my scam experience today, and given that I am an internet expert I have this suggestion… we need to employ the same safeguard with all our internet experiences that the banks do. Before we engage in any financially sensitive transactions and by this I include emails/phone calls which are a follow up to a recent transaction that we have made, or a service that we use…
We must ask the person at the other end to validate who they are, we say please enter your password… and we record each transaction/service provision request and allocate a unique identifying password to that transaction/request. If they can’t provide it then they have failed the validation request and the conversation ends! Yes, it requires effort to do this. I’d say record it in a spreadsheet… in the long run it may save you great expense… this could be either i) the cost ii) ultimately it will be your time and worry iii) your pride!

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Website development during August 2015

Updating of to exploit the wordpress platform – psychotherapy – shamanism

Creation of website using the wordpress platform – childminding

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Website video work in August 2015

a busy time exploiting both YouTube as well as Vimeo for 2 of my clients …

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Summer 2015

Summer time is all about sunshine and usually music … take a look at these recent websites which include music:
Clivey Fest
and here is work in process for a therapist Caterine

One thing which i’m increasingly asked to do is to link websites with Facebook pages,
so please check out these relevant Facebook pages for the various websites i’ve worked on…
Facebook page for Nicoustics
Facebook page for Clivey Fest
oh, and here is my own
Facebook page for Webjoy

I am able to automatically update your Facebook page with information which is updated via your website. The same is also true if you are using a Twitter account to promote what it is that you do!

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Webjoy 2015

Hi, a very simple message, Webjoy only promises against what it can deliver – i am Nigel Billam – this is my business. If i promise then i will deliver – it is that simple.
Yes you can get some amazing quotes here on the internet, full of promises etc. The buck stops with me here. I know what i can achieve, these are not empty promises. Yes, you can get much lower prices (not that much). What i offer is guaranteed… not just i will refund… blah blah – you won’t need to have to go through a process to get back back what you paid. The disappointment because you didn’t receive – lost time, lost opportunity etc. – If you want a real solution against your budget then i’m your man – it is as simple as that… Take a look here CliveyFest one of these time critical websites. If i can’t deliver against my promise then my client will not come back, they have already lost money in trying to achieve what they are about. I won’t promise you if i cannot deliver, this is my promise always – no help desk, service centre, long wait times on the phone – this is the least i can promise. Try me now, i tend to work 7×24 so i will come back to you within hours of your query.

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Webjoy Boost

New for 2015
Webjoy is motoring and offers you something very special. If you want to be found quickly then you need Webjoy Boost.
Not only a website but promotions through various channels: google, vimeo, YouTube, Facebook.
Check out: and

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Some 2014 websites for you to look at (about slogging it out at the gym, perhaps not!) (videos about wisdom!) (about a child centered policy development charity in The Zambia – work still in progress) (about photography)

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Webjoy in Frome, Somerset

A bit of a busy year, but webjoy has now firmly landed in Frome, Somerset, and mega fast broadband to boot!

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Webjoy in Radstock

Well the Portugal experiment was interesting, now back in good old blighty… and the summer is ‘good enough’ so here we are!

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Webjoy hits Portugal

Exciting times, Webjoy is now fully operational in the Algarve in Portugal. If you have any website needs then just contact us!

One new project is providing a facility for ex-pats to view UK TV easily in Portugal since the BBC closed down transmissions to Europe, typically via Sky. Stay tuned for more news on this, or contact Webjoy direct.

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Webjoy 24×7 contact made even easier

Hi, we are now in 2014

Webjoy has implemented a more simple way for you to call us, just telephone 020 3290 7748, the cost of a local UK call, this will result in a call to the Webjoy Skype account so it won’t matter where you are, or wherever Webjoy is, the system will find Webjoy regardless so expect a very fast response always.

We can help you to achieve the same result for your business!

Webjoy services span the world any time, always. At your service 24 x 7.

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Ebay Paypal Facebook Twitter Google Adwords and pay per click

everyone is enquiring about these well known Internet apps and services. On the basis that it costs nothing to ask, if you have any queries then hit my contact page or even the chat link (bottom right) to discuss how you might exploit or improve these for your business.

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