Tier 1

Tier 1 – webjoy to client – this plan should avoid claims of professional negligence! The plan is to contact all clients and advise them about GDPR

1 Contact ALL Webjoy clients via email to summarise the situation to achieve GDPR compliance
2 Summarise what webjoy is doing in support of client’s compliance with the new regulations
3 Get permission to add them (double opt in) to Webjoy’s subscriber’s client list for all future Webjoy blog updates etc
4 Add the above to automatically email posts regarding any webjoy blog posts
5 Switch on auto blog updates, i.e. add subscription service and manage
6 Create a wufoo form for webjoy subscriptions and to email this to webjoy clients
7 Add a privacy page to webjoy (use as a model?)
8 Add a TMS page to webjoy
9 Volunteer to be ‘data controller’ for all webjoy clients for website contents only, but maybe a conduit for non-website material
10 Paper info – by default the ‘data controller’ is the client registered for invoicing, i.e. name and email, I call this Tier 2
11 Add in something about cookies i.e. google analytics for most sites employ indirectly cookies by association
12 Amend TMS to include EU regs, optional?
13 Something written about Webjoy’s intentions to conform/put things right?
14 Updates to software, plugins, applications to support EU compliance

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