Webjoy launches a website RESCUE package

If your website has been:
i) blacklisted by google or your adwords account suspended
ii) infiltrated with malicious software
iii) had its domain name acquired by someone else
iv) been negatively affected by someone elses activity on the internet
v) accused of breeching someone elses rights

Then Webjoy can help you sort out these damaging situations, recover your website, just start a conversation and we will see what we can do to help you.

Think of it as RAC or AA for websites – for both practical and legal issues.

We recently assisted one client by removing the Malware Trojan DNSchanger from their website and contacted Google to get them to remove the ‘visiting this website may harm your computer’ message. This took 36 hours.

We are currently negotiating the return of a lost domain; someone else has acquired the name and is now hi-jacking the rightful business from one of our clients.

We are currently appealing to Google for re-instatement of a client’s Adwords (pay per click) account that Google has been suspended for breeching their advertising policy, this despite the fact they breech it themselves!

Webjoy will help you with any problems concerned with trading names, trademarks, intellectual property rights issues, whether you are the victim or whether someone has accused you of breeching theirs.