A New Deal – Monthly Payments from £40 per month

Webjoy has for the last 20 years charged a single fee to design a website and then run it for the first year. It then charges an annual renewal fee for continued provision of the service in subsequent years. After various requests and much consideration Webjoy has decided to change its business model from the upfront annual renewal fee to a simpler economical model i.e. Monthly fixed payments. Monthly payments can be cancelled at any time! Webjoy will also be changing from operating as a sole trader to that of trading as a Limited Company.

As part of this re-structuring Webjoy will also team up with an advertising and media company in order to offer a greater range of products and services which will ensure the continued excellence and growth potential for all of its clients in the coming years making your website presence even more effective and competitive whilst continuing to exploit the latest technology and standards whilst targeting a number of new strategic vertical business markets.

Here is an example: https://www.octopusgardencompany.co.uk/