CIC websites

CIC stands for Community Interest Company, it is a company type recognised by HMRC and sits in-between a Charity and a Limited company, they focus on not-for-profit and for the benefit of local communities.

This year Webjoy has produced 4 websites for , the main holding company and 3 subsidiaries and

SALT-Volunteers brings together local businesses offering discounts to people who do volunteering work in their local community, typically 20% as a way of rewarding volunteers for the great work that they do without payment. It contains a directory of businesses, the discounts offered and how they may be contacted, including map, contact page, logo, phone number, email etc. This will be available nationwide and will grow organically as it is rolled out town by town.

Fateline is still being developed. This will target people with disabilities and provide a kind of dating come meeting facility which includes a personal availability calendar. This will be available from November 2017.