Cookies warning (EU Law directive)

I’ve been battling with understanding the new law.

In a nut shell since May 2012 is it EU Law that all websites must give the website visitor a warning if websites use cookies.

In the UK it is the ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office), the people who also look after the Data Protection Act who are tasked with enforcement of this, click here to view what they have to say…

These days most websites use cookies, so it is wise to issue the warning when people first visit your website. The fines for non-compliance with this EU directive are up to £500k… ouch!

I am now implementing code for all of my websites that i manage so that each displays a message and a simply continue, do not continue option.

If you subscribe to my TMS (Total Managed Solution) package then i will automatically add this warning into your website, i manage 70 websites so this will take me some time, approximately 1 hours work per website.