Do Not Buy email lists!

Today we have received a complaint from our website hosting company that one of our clients had been reported for email abuse.
AKA spam.

Our client had purchased an email list from Meridian Delta, but note that there are many legitimate companies offering these lists.

If you wish to send out mass emails then please contact us beforehand as to the best way to do this. This will save you both time and money. We do not charge for such advice.

Our hosting company (and most others) say this: ‘Purchasing an email list from a third party is not an accepted practice because the people didn’t opt in to receive email from somebody else. You need always to use lists where the customer has accepted to receive emails from you otherwise the emails from a mailing campaign are just considered unsolicited and marked as spam. As a consequence recipients may simply raise an ‘abuse’ report. In the worse case this may result in your website and emails being black-listed and your website dropped from search engine results, sender’s email service providers may block the sending of emails to your email account i.e. people attempting to send you any email will get blocked from doing so as your domain will be black-listed i.e. regarded as un-trusted by their internet/email service provider!’

Here is a link to today’s definition of spam click here.