Spring 2020 special – brochure style website with email £495

Are you fed up remembering or spelling out your email address? Is it so long it is hard to add it to your business card without reducing the font size which most people can’t read? Then you need a simpler domain name that rolls off the tongue and that you and people can remember easily!

Webjoy will help you find the right domain name and provide you with a basic brochure style web page where you can post examples of your work, here is a simple example of the style http://webjoyart.com

Webjoy designs can be expanded easily to include other features (e.g. posting automatically to Facebook etc) and work on all types of mobile devices, guaranteed for 12 months. Any email address added can automatically be forwarded to your gmail.com email adress (&others).

We also make sure it can be found on Google easily!