Lost your Google rankings?

A client of Webjoy recently experienced this problem. It happens and it doesn’t have to be due to anything you’ve done. In their case they hadn’t, the website had not been altered for a couple of months but then suddenly it just fell away from the first page on Google where it had happily been for 10 years+.

Google’s changes in terms of their rules for providing relevant search results must be the cause. Oh just great! we could just be cynical but it doesn’t help with finding a solution.

Many firms promise first page rankings, but hang on, that’s crazy, not everyone can be on page one can they?

So what to do?

The main thing is to make sure that your web site content is attractive to Google and it’s search results presented for the most likely queries that Google users are likely to make. This is not so difficult if your products or service are quite unique but if you are offering similar things to those of your competitors then it is problematic.

Yes, you can launch a Google Adwords campaign which costs money (which Webjoy can provide) but better if your website, your products and services can be found via the free organic listings.

So this is what Webjoy is attempting to do for this client: www.fordways.com .
As well as applying all the recommended ways to attract Google we are creating a secondary focused website for their most important product UV Lamps for the printing industry, check out www.uvlamps.co

One aspect of creating the secondary web site is to ensure that it meets the needs of the so called ‘responsive’ technology i.e. mobile phones and the likes of hand held devices such as iPads, tablets etc – this ever growing market is where Google is now focusing its rules on.

This work requires a lot of patience to achieve the desired page one results, this is a core quality of Webjoy… stay tuned on the progress as we attempt to regain the lost search engine ranking.