Summer 2015

Summer time is all about sunshine and usually music … take a look at these recent websites which include music:
Clivey Fest
and here is work in process for a therapist Caterine

One thing which i’m increasingly asked to do is to link websites with Facebook pages,
so please check out these relevant Facebook pages for the various websites i’ve worked on…
Facebook page for Nicoustics
Facebook page for Clivey Fest
oh, and here is my own
Facebook page for Webjoy

I am able to automatically update your Facebook page with information which is updated via your website. The same is also true if you are using a Twitter account to promote what it is that you do!

Webjoy 2015

Hi, a very simple message, Webjoy only promises against what it can deliver – i am Nigel Billam – this is my business. If i promise then i will deliver – it is that simple.
Yes you can get some amazing quotes here on the internet, full of promises etc. The buck stops with me here. I know what i can achieve, these are not empty promises. Yes, you can get much lower prices (not that much). What i offer is guaranteed… not just i will refund… blah blah – you won’t need to have to go through a process to get back back what you paid. The disappointment because you didn’t receive – lost time, lost opportunity etc. – If you want a real solution against your budget then i’m your man – it is as simple as that… Take a look here CliveyFest one of these time critical websites. If i can’t deliver against my promise then my client will not come back, they have already lost money in trying to achieve what they are about. I won’t promise you if i cannot deliver, this is my promise always – no help desk, service centre, long wait times on the phone – this is the least i can promise. Try me now, i tend to work 7×24 so i will come back to you within hours of your query.

Webjoy in Radstock

Well the Portugal experiment was interesting, now back in good old blighty… and the summer is ‘good enough’ so here we are!

Webjoy hits Portugal

Exciting times, Webjoy is now fully operational in the Algarve in Portugal. If you have any website needs then just contact us!

One new project is providing a facility for ex-pats to view UK TV easily in Portugal since the BBC closed down transmissions to Europe, typically via Sky. Stay tuned for more news on this, or contact Webjoy direct.

Webjoy 24×7 contact made even easier

Hi, we are now in 2014

Webjoy has implemented a more simple way for you to call us, just telephone 020 3290 7748, the cost of a local UK call, this will result in a call to the Webjoy Skype account so it won’t matter where you are, or wherever Webjoy is, the system will find Webjoy regardless so expect a very fast response always.

We can help you to achieve the same result for your business!

Webjoy services span the world any time, always. At your service 24 x 7.

Cookies warning (EU Law directive)

I’ve been battling with understanding the new law.

In a nut shell since May 2012 is it EU Law that all websites must give the website visitor a warning if websites use cookies.

In the UK it is the ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office), the people who also look after the Data Protection Act who are tasked with enforcement of this, click here to view what they have to say…

These days most websites use cookies, so it is wise to issue the warning when people first visit your website. The fines for non-compliance with this EU directive are up to £500k… ouch!

I am now implementing code for all of my websites that i manage so that each displays a message and a simply continue, do not continue option.

If you subscribe to my TMS (Total Managed Solution) package then i will automatically add this warning into your website, i manage 70 websites so this will take me some time, approximately 1 hours work per website.

Do Not Buy email lists!

Today we have received a complaint from our website hosting company that one of our clients had been reported for email abuse.
AKA spam.

Our client had purchased an email list from Meridian Delta, but note that there are many legitimate companies offering these lists.

If you wish to send out mass emails then please contact us beforehand as to the best way to do this. This will save you both time and money. We do not charge for such advice.

Our hosting company (and most others) say this: ‘Purchasing an email list from a third party is not an accepted practice because the people didn’t opt in to receive email from somebody else. You need always to use lists where the customer has accepted to receive emails from you otherwise the emails from a mailing campaign are just considered unsolicited and marked as spam. As a consequence recipients may simply raise an ‘abuse’ report. In the worse case this may result in your website and emails being black-listed and your website dropped from search engine results, sender’s email service providers may block the sending of emails to your email account i.e. people attempting to send you any email will get blocked from doing so as your domain will be black-listed i.e. regarded as un-trusted by their internet/email service provider!’

Here is a link to today’s definition of spam click here.

Webjoy Assitance

Webjoy Assistance – £480 per year.
Think of it as an emergency service for websites and email akin to the AA and RAC, an insurance policy when you are in crisis.

Webjoy Assistance is open to customers who do not currently host with me as well as those that do.

Webjoy Assistance offers the followng:
1. Live chat – an immediate and interactive text message system in order to discuss your issues online
2. Remote Support – this is a facility where I can take over control of your PC, investigate and make changes to your PC setup e.g. Outlook email settings etc
– this includes, doing the same for any of your customer’s PCs to resolve issues
3. Website content changes
4. Website virus/trojan resoultion
5. Clearance of blacklisting issues including email or website infiltrations
6. 24×7 working with your various suppliers in order to remedy issues – this would include Google – Webjoy will represent you with whoever supplies these services
7. Technical & Legal advice and consultancy
8. Get you back on the road ASAP i.e. email and website and if not possible advise on what needs to happen next

Webjoy launches a website RESCUE package

If your website has been:
i) blacklisted by google or your adwords account suspended
ii) infiltrated with malicious software
iii) had its domain name acquired by someone else
iv) been negatively affected by someone elses activity on the internet
v) accused of breeching someone elses rights

Then Webjoy can help you sort out these damaging situations, recover your website, just start a conversation and we will see what we can do to help you.

Think of it as RAC or AA for websites – for both practical and legal issues.

We recently assisted one client by removing the Malware Trojan DNSchanger from their website and contacted Google to get them to remove the ‘visiting this website may harm your computer’ message. This took 36 hours.

We are currently negotiating the return of a lost domain; someone else has acquired the name and is now hi-jacking the rightful business from one of our clients.

We are currently appealing to Google for re-instatement of a client’s Adwords (pay per click) account that Google has been suspended for breeching their advertising policy, this despite the fact they breech it themselves!

Webjoy will help you with any problems concerned with trading names, trademarks, intellectual property rights issues, whether you are the victim or whether someone has accused you of breeching theirs.

FREE Google ranking appraisal

Would you like a free no obligation appraisal regarding you websites ranking on Google?

If so please complete the form below and we will email your report within 48 hours.

Webjoy will analyse the report and recommend changes to help improve your rankings to drive more visitors to your website and also suggest other improvements to increase your sales. We will provide you with a quote on the costs and what you can expect should you choose to proceed.

Fill out my online form.