talk talk scam

talk talk scam FROM telephone number 01589445782 … my friend was called today by some one responding to a call she raised a week ago about her talk talk broad band and problems due to do her access limitations although she had unlimited access. It was very appropriate and therefore sounded legitimate. They then wanted to install teamviewer to investigate. She was going to get a £200 refund and a reduction in her fee from £20/month fee to £11.19. When they accessed her laptop with Teamviewer they proceeded to the Western Union website in order to refund this £200 refund and enter her debit card details… it is a scam which sounds very credible! It all ended well BUT after at least 3 hours! Apparently Talk Talk had their customer details stolen earlier in the year! Did you know this?

This scam has also been played out with other well known service providers. If you receive such a call there are 2 simple things you can do 1) say you are busy … then dial 1471 get the number and enter it into google together with the word scam – then look at what you find. 2) ask the person their name, where they are calling from, and their telephone number. Ask them to call you back.

The rest you can do yourself using google armed with this information… you can always ask me to check also.

The final message is – do not give out your bank account details until you have made these two simple checks.

Finally, even bank employees get caught out as my friend discovered when she ended up at the bank to sheepishly admit she had give over her debit card details… she didn’t give out her pin number and the bank HSBC had also stopped the payment that these scammers tried to get £150 because it was not authorised!

Now, I am an internet expert, I was there at the time, and even I was convinced that this was legitimate.

In my embarrassment I am passing this on. I promise you, it seemed very legitimate – when they went into the Western Union then my suspicion was seriously aroused, but they said that this was in order to issue the refund.

we learn… as I said… on this occasion no money was lost… and of course the wisdom of hindsight… you hear the expression ‘never give out your bank details’… but we do, all the time when we think that transactions are legitimate!…. and this is how these people get your details… it was Talk Talk offering a response to a recent complaint, and on top of this offering a refund which is why they needed the bank details.

My final, strongest advice is, always use a credit card when buying through the internet. This way you are only exposed to the first £50 of any transaction if you finally discover you’ve been robbed!

This safeguard is not there on a debit card… so again… think very long and hard before giving over these details … ask them to phone you back giving you time to do some research – phone number etc etc

REFLECTION on my advice…
based on my scam experience today, and given that I am an internet expert I have this suggestion… we need to employ the same safeguard with all our internet experiences that the banks do. Before we engage in any financially sensitive transactions and by this I include emails/phone calls which are a follow up to a recent transaction that we have made, or a service that we use…
We must ask the person at the other end to validate who they are, we say please enter your password… and we record each transaction/service provision request and allocate a unique identifying password to that transaction/request. If they can’t provide it then they have failed the validation request and the conversation ends! Yes, it requires effort to do this. I’d say record it in a spreadsheet… in the long run it may save you great expense… this could be either i) the cost ii) ultimately it will be your time and worry iii) your pride!