Webjoy Assitance

Webjoy Assistance – £480 per year.
Think of it as an emergency service for websites and email akin to the AA and RAC, an insurance policy when you are in crisis.

Webjoy Assistance is open to customers who do not currently host with me as well as those that do.

Webjoy Assistance offers the followng:
1. Live chat – an immediate and interactive text message system in order to discuss your issues online
2. Remote Support – this is a facility where I can take over control of your PC, investigate and make changes to your PC setup e.g. Outlook email settings etc
– this includes, doing the same for any of your customer’s PCs to resolve issues
3. Website content changes
4. Website virus/trojan resoultion
5. Clearance of blacklisting issues including email or website infiltrations
6. 24×7 working with your various suppliers in order to remedy issues – this would include Google – Webjoy will represent you with whoever supplies these services
7. Technical & Legal advice and consultancy
8. Get you back on the road ASAP i.e. email and website and if not possible advise on what needs to happen next