Tier 2

Tier 2 – webjoy client to their clients – what is webjoy doing to ensure compliance? My proposal

1 email advice to ALL webjoy clients using emails via L’s spreadsheet
2 invite double opt in & subscription for ALL clients
3 review all sites to identify risks and ensuring latest plugins are GDPR compliant
4 add PRIVACY page to webjoy site – this should be a generic example which can be modified for all webjoy sites!
5 add subscription page to webjoy site
6 review wufoo site + woocommerce + any others to ensure compliance
7 invite client’s to add EU compliance to their TMS service for £x – now/next invoice – query now or then, what they would get now
8 add cookies + explain why they should, fines, analytics etc
9 advise GDPR extends to various devices and paper databases
10 for paper , .xls they will need to nominate their own ‘data contoller’ for this off website activity but webjoy can act as the conduit
11 advice on fines, i.e. 20 million euros or 4% of turnover + compensation + loss of trust + costs + legal i.e. putting it right – compliance + fees

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