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Webjoy has been trading since 1999. We offer a very personal service. All our customers are important! We make no distinction between service and professionalism. If you are successful then so are we.

We offer consultancy to enable you to start using the Internet to promote your business and commence trading using the Internet as quickly and economically as possible. We specifically cater for individuals and small to medium sized businesses and traders.

To some extent creating a web site is the easy part, where our expertise extends is within Internet Marketing, i.e. getting your site visible on Leading Search engines and driving visitors to your site.

if you can’t measure it then you can’t manage it!
Webjoy does not let you drive blind! When you drive your car you are provided with ‘management information’… your speed, your fuel level, the number of miles you have travelled, engine temperature, outside temperature etc. Without this information, many untoward events would happen! We use management tools to monitor what is happening with your web site. We interpret this information in a way which we can talk about which makes sense to you and your business. We then advise you appropriately. Avoid jargon! We just say what should be changed so your website investment pays off… you don’t want problems, jargon, you just want results – this is the Webjoy Total Managed Service option! This is inclusive in our price for year one. We will advise you on how we can get your website working well for your business.
a touch of class!
one of the things that web joy learned through working within the Corporate IT world is that you can’t do everything on your own really, you need the benefit of a team of experts. Webjoy works alongside very talented people who have their own personal businesses e.g. graphic designers, artists, legal, lingusists, video & film experts. As digital marquetrists ! (marquetry is a skilful carpenter using wood veneers to produce very elegant furntiture designs and finishes – something for the eye to behold!) the team provides wonderful veneers and designs – we just put it all together and then add in a very special skill: making the site visible on the Internet and be found on Google plus other leading search engines like Bing. Without this part it is like owning a Rolls Royce which is never used, never seen, parked in a disused farm building gathering dust! Such a waste!

Although webjoy works along side others unless you want to you don’t need to meet any of them, webjoy looks after the relationship between your requirements and the delivery of that service with the various experts and service providers.

do you live or work in the Bath or Somerset area?
if you would like to meet to discuss your web site design and Internet needs then just give web joy a call – happy to review your current web site and make recommendations on improvements there is no obligation. Perhaps you already know that selling using the Internet will help you but you really don’t know where to start or what to start with. Let’s chat about it, webjoy is available most days, including evenings and weekends, just call us or send an email. What have you got to loose? you don’t have to be in Somerset, webjoy successfully works with people in various parts of the UK and elsewhere in the world, e.g. Zambia, it can all be done using the telephone,email, Skype and of course the world wide web.
touchy feely – professional pride – above all care!
based in Frome, Somerset, webjoy (the clue is In the name) offers a different relationship with its clients. It is guaranteed to be personal and to provide you with the service that you expect to offer your own clients. We have numerous clients, some offering something spiritual, healing or therapeutic but also have more conventional clients too, e.g. an Ironmonger, Butcher, Authors, dare we say it: even an Estate Agents! We are still looking for a baker & candlestick maker!
Connecting Somerset
Webjoy is a Business Link Connecting Somerset Registered Supplier. Perhaps you are kicking yourself for having missed the Connecting Somerset Grant for web site design, if so then stop now (be kind to yourself!), you still only pay a fraction of conventional prices.
the Google package
most people are now aware that Google is the world’s leading Search Engine. Being listed on Google is a virtual guarantee that people will find your site. We can provide a fully designed and working business web site which will be listed on Google. For those selling specific items the package also covers entry onto Froogle, Google’s Internet online shopping search service, also known as Google Merchants. We can also offer management for your Google Adwords Internet marketing campaign, i.e. Google’s sponsored listings.
the search engine optimisation (SEO) package

We all too often receive emails promising first page rankings, money back guaranteed if you cannot be found on the first page of Google, think about it: if everyone can be found on the first page then surely they are lying!, they are reliant on you not asking for your money back – it’s far worse, you will have wasted 3 – 6 months of your time and still not be found! We don’t promise this, we do promise the highest ranking achievable, often this is the first page. The thing to realise is that there are different sets of keywords which can drive visits to your website. Webjoy will work hard at finding the relevant keyword sets which can deliver visits for your particular business.

If you already have a web site but you are not getting leads from Search Engines then we can offer you a Search Engine registration, optimisation and reporting service with leading Search Engines (including Google and Bing) to guarantee that people will be able to find your web site.

your own news facility
if you would like a simple way to maintain your own web page with regular updates comprising of text, pictures and perhaps links to other web sites then we can help. Follow this link for an example www.kickbutt.org.uk. We can link your news so that it feeds through to your Facebook and Twitter pages.
unlimited updates & support
you have a web site but want any updates to be fast and done for you and don’t want to have to pay extra whenever something needs changing. The Webjoy Total Managed Support package was designed for you!
it’s all about you and your clients…
whether your business is building, catering, a restaurant, a take-away, selling books, electrical work, carpentry, component sales, health & healing, therapy & therapeutic, unique, accounting or financial we’ll help you get off the ground!

Most types of business can benefit from E-commerce trading.  We are happy to establish a step by step approach in meeting your needs e.g. from a small web site with just a few web pages plus email up to a large E-commerce credit card purchasing site, with shopping baskets and checkouts etc.

the next step?
if you want a web site it doesn’t matter where you are in the UK or the world so long as you have a phone and ideally email and Internet access.

If you want to know more about web sites basics and how we work just contact us.

For a no obligation estimate or advice just contact

Webjoy is based in Frome (near Bath), Somerset in the UK.

Regards Nigel Billam (CEO)