Website basics

a web site comprises 3 main things
1) somewhere to store your web site pages that are visible to anyone on the Internet – this is known as a ‘host’

2) a domain name e.g., sometimes known as a URL (a Uniform Resource Locator) – basically the web site address – it is this that points to the host where your web pages are stored – and this is how people get to see your web site

3) email – an email address relating to your web site domain name e.g. so that people can email you!

search engine e.g. Google
this is all well and good if people know your domain name and/or email address, however ideally it would be good if people can find you via a search engine e.g. Google by entering keywords such as ‘bbc television’ and for the web site to appear as an entry in the list of matches, once again ideally on the first page of results. So…

4) you need your site registered with a search engine or engines. Most people use Google so this is where we register your web site initially.

what can I expect?
basically we can provide all of this – the web site, designed to your choice of colour/style – informing visitors all about you; fully hosted with your choice of domain name; email; and registered with Google from £495. This would buy you something similar to
optional extras
If you want us to make changes to your site as and when you need them; provide general support; provide you with a monthly email detailing the number of visitors to your site; register the site with other leading Search Engines i.e. in addition to Google the likes of Yahoo, Bing & others to generate more traffic, then you need the Webjoy Total Managed Service package – when we design your web site then you get this as part of your first years service without further charge
ongoing charges
the main hosting/email option is renewable each year and currently the charge is £125 including keeping your web site name registered. The Webjoy Total Managed Service package will cost you a further £240 – So a usual total of £365
the way forward…
if all this sounds ok to you and you would like to proceed then it can mostly be done via email – in general what we do is to produce a mock-up of the site which you can then look at using your Browser and we take it from there. What would be good in order to take this further is…

the next steps for you…
1) have a look at web sites you like the look of which is in the area of your business (e.g. use Google to search), any you like the look of let us know their addresses.
2) suggest a colour scheme, ideally 3 principal colours.
3) suggest a style of font if you have a preference e.g Arial, Times New Roman or whatever you fancy.
4) let us have a word document with an outline of the information you would like on each page.
5) let us know the domain name/address you would like e.g. your business name, or it could be just a descriptive name e.g. – whatever you choose we can check if it is available and suggest an alternative if the name is already in use – it might be an idea to suggest a couple of names just in case.
6) supply some photos e.g. yourself, something relating to your business.
7) if you already have a logo then let us have a copy – if not let us know the general theme/idea you have in mind and we’ll see if we can find or create something suitable – we can turn most ideas into something artistic!
a word of caution…
it can take up to 3 months before any web site is usefully available for unsolicited enquiries i.e. people looking and finding your site via search engines.

You need to look at your web site as an investment with a pay back over 4 years.

Having a web site means that you can then use it in your other advertising/publicity – it is unlikely that a web site means you won’t need to do other advertising. However a web address in your advertising will make it easier for people to remember the name and to find you.

instant results needed?
Pay per Click…
if you want to get more instant results then you will need to consider the Google Adwords advertising campaign package. These are the sponsored listings you see on the top and right hand side of Google’s search results.

Commonly known as Pay per Click, a monthly budget of £30 (a £1 a day) will deliver interest and visits to your site.

As a simple rule the more you can afford the better the results.

and finally…
it is our experience that creating a web site is the easy part (relatively speaking), making it an effective marketing tool is where it becomes difficult, this is where our experience extends from merely producing a web site.

For a no obligation estimate or advice just contact us!