Artificial Intelligence

A new service in summer 2023.

Webjoy has spent this year investigating ChatGPT and can now offer a service focusing on this technology e.g. a chat facility normally handled by FAQs i.e. Frequently Asked Questions.

Unlike google, ChatGPT provides answers which are more contextual i.e. it remembers previous questions and responses and therefore you can ask your former questions but in doing so you can keep asking rather than repeating the questions you have previously asked. The best way to proceed is to try it and refine your queries if you are not getting answers you would expect. Another way to say this is that you need to develop the context of your questions.

Website creation – payable by 24 instalments

This is a brand new offering for Winter 2022

We are all struggling to make ends meet, I promise that we are doing all we can to help you and therefore ourselves to get through these difficult times – you can call me on this!

If you need a website for your business then this special deal cannot be beaten. I have looked long and hard and decided that I can offer you my best deal and which is the most cost effective! A professional website, with email and secure, fully managed for 2 years for £100 per month which includes the design and google submission using the wordpress platform, I normally charge a fee to create the site followed by a fee to run it! If you have an existing small(ish) website already then i will transfer you at the same rate.

Year 3 and beyond the ongoing charge is estimated at £60 per month + inflation.

The fee to get going is £250 to cover intial costs and charges.

A similar example website is visible here: and then you can look on google to see how effective it is! They’ve just won a £120,000 contract from their website – a very simple, economical investment!

More for FREE!: I will add you to – so take a look again at 🙂 to see what’s possible – over 130,000 social media advert displays since April 2022.

Focused on Frome, this website is for the people of Frome and nearby areas so that you can find out what’s going on, promote smaller businesses to help anyone looking for skills, services and small businesses to promote what they have to offer. Since April 2022, 60,000 people in Frome have had the opportunity to find what they are looking for.

Facebook pages for businesses

Webjoy is frequently being asked if we can provide Facebook pages. The answer is yes. We charge £195 to set it up and then manage. We can also run Facebook promotions, link to you website also automtically post your blog posts to your page. Let us know your requirements and webjoy will suggest a costed solution for your business.

Blog contents automatically copied to Facebook pages & email subscribers

Webjoy has developed a solution so that any posts which are created on your website blog i.e. latest news are copied automatically to your Facebook page, optionally if you have subscribers (followers) then they will also receive posts ia email automatically. Obviously the latter is dependent on you having a subscriber facility on your website. So simply you enter the data once and it gets replicated, no other actions is required! Twitter is also an option. Linking other similar social media or other apps is also possible.

Cyber attack & Malware rescue

In December 2016 Webjoy was contacted by a London based company who had sustained a number of attacks against their 7 websites. Following investigations it was discovered there was a malware infestation which their hosting supplier Dataflame were unable to help them overcome. So they turned to Webjoy for help. The recovery work entailed transferring the sites to Wejoy’s hosting platform and rebuilding each wordpress website from scratch to eradicate the malware and to ensure full security to prevent such attacks in the future. Google search listings also had to be re-established to remove all trace of the malware from Google search i.e. numerous embeded pages with links to other malicious and random websites.

Their sites are now clean and running without issues. They offer translation services mainly targeting the Polish community. Most of the attacks originated from Poland and other Northern European countries including Russia. One of their sites is .

Since 1999 Webjoy has developed a number of methods, practices and monitoring techniques to keep all of its customer websites both safe and secure.

Social Media Marketing

Webjoy has spent most of 2016 working on projects involving internet marketing exploiting various technologies, these have included:
AWeber, MailChimp, Meridian Delta (cautiously) for email marketing campaign
FaceBook page creation, Automatic publishing to FB from website posts
Automatic Twitter feeds
Streetlife page creation
Website newsletter subscriptions and automatic emails to subscribers from website posts
Video editing and hosting
Google adwords campaigns
FaceBook advertising via Boost
Streetlife advertising
Ordinary organic Google/Bing search engine optimisation (SEO)
Google Analytics and website visitor reporting
WooCommerce for selling festival tickets and books
S2Member for controlling website membership access
Paypal to collect fees for various projects
Wordpress websites

So if you require anything along the lines of the above projects then please contact Webjoy

Webjoy moved to Frome, Somerset in 2014. Here we discovered a new breed of social networking called mainly because it had just started up. Nextdooor is like Facebook only geared to the local community. So it’s a very intuitive and simple way to get in touch with neighbours and the local community. You just go to the website, and sign up specifying you post code. It is used regularly by neighbours to ask simple questions like ‘where can i get …’ and ‘i have a bed i don’t need which needs a home…’. It’s simplicity makes it a vibrant place to check out. A good place also to promote your local business and to follow up leads.