We can offer you various features to appear on your website.

Below are various options. If there is something that you require which is not listed then please just ask us and we can investigate and advise you.

Slide show
This feature can display a variety of things, each slide can link to anything you wish: a web site, web page, a form, a video
This can be a portfolio of pictures
Flipping Book
This can be one page which allows the user to click to display the next page of your book, catalogue etc
Shopping Cart
There are various options, the right solution depends on the number of items that you would like to sell via your website
The worlds best known website solution. Webjoy is an expert, so we can either create your site or take it on and make it even better
The simplest is a form tailored to the questions you wish to present to your visitors. We can create forms to meet any requirement, all will result in an email that is sent with the forms content. We can also send monthly reports which capture all form contents sent that month which is viewable as a spreadsheet
Visitor information
Every month we can send you details of your website visitors, this exploits Google Analytics information – know where your visitors have come from, how long they spent on your website, which pages they looked at and much much more
Search Engine rankings
This allows you to see how your web site is doing on the 3 main Search Engines: Google; Yahoo; Bing
News/Blog e.g. Facebook & Twitter

This facility allows you to ‘post’ your own messages, photos, videos and much much more. Ultimately this puts you in control whilst relevant, encouraging people to come back for more

Don’t stop here, you can link your posts to Twitter and Facebook – you make one ‘post’ and these poplular apps will display your message here too automatically

Content Management
Manage your own content of your web sites pages

Have the right level of support that you require and rest in the knowledge that you have the best level of support you wish for your website. We call this the Webjoy Total Managed Service option. If we create your web site for you then you will receive this for the first 12 months at no additional charge
Online Payment options e.g. PayPal & Ebay
We don’t get a commission but we personally prefer PayPal. It is known worldwide and well trusted


Finger on the pulse – Know what’s happening as it happens
Get your website and email activity relayed to your Blackberry or iPhone immediately. This could also be to your email address that you use regularly e.g. btinternet, yahoo, gmail etc
Worldwide Access 24×7
Wherever you are – access your website, email and Website performance, Webjoy provides this as normal. Let us help you make money as you sleep!