Cyber attack & Malware rescue

In December 2016 Webjoy was contacted by a London based company who had sustained a number of attacks against their 7 websites. Following investigations it was discovered there was a malware infestation which their hosting supplier Dataflame were unable to help them overcome. So they turned to Webjoy for help. The recovery work entailed transferring the sites to Wejoy’s hosting platform and rebuilding each wordpress website from scratch to eradicate the malware and to ensure full security to prevent such attacks in the future. Google search listings also had to be re-established to remove all trace of the malware from Google search i.e. numerous embeded pages with links to other malicious and random websites.

Their sites are now clean and running without issues. They offer translation services mainly targeting the Polish community. Most of the attacks originated from Poland and other Northern European countries including Russia. One of their sites is .

Since 1999 Webjoy has developed a number of methods, practices and monitoring techniques to keep all of its customer websites both safe and secure.